Family Service Association of Howard County, Inc.

Minority Health Alliance of Howard County is no

longer a program of FSA. We will update this

page with IMHC's new web address once we have

it. Thank you for understanding.

The Minority Health Alliance of Howard County (MHAHC) is committed to support programs and services that will reduce racial / ethnic health disparities in Howard County and improve health outcomes within those groups. There are many health issues that affect the minority community and we will target the following areas initially but not limited to those listed.

Chronic Disease (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Asthma)

Obesity (Nutrition, Exercise and Healthy Eating

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (Support groups and 1 800 Quit Now line)

Mental Illness (Depression and Stress Management)

Oral Hygiene (Program for Youth / Shining Smiles)

Vision Program

(Education and Awareness Activities Health Screenings / Presentations)

Targeted Programs

Health Fair Participation

Seniors Expo

Howard County

Veterans Army Stand Down

Indiana University Kokomo Wellness Program

Maple Crest Community

IBE / Carver Community Center

Diabetes and Wellness Fair (Mt Pisgah)

Independent Health Screenings

Barbershop Outreach Program

Operation Fit Kids

An obesity program designed to teach youth about nutrition and exercise. (Structured Curriculum)

How to read and understand food labels

Youth will communicate and transfer information to family

Importance of Physical Activity / Exercise Programs

Diabetes Management Program

Self-Management program to teach diabetic participants and caregivers how to properly manage

their complications and condition of diabetes (Structured Curriculum)

Importance of getting the A1C test

Learn proper nutrition while managing the disease

Two - Three Programs Annually

Four weeks at 2 hours / week equal a total of 8 hours

Meal Planning

Search Your Heart

Heart disease comprehensive health education program (Structured Curriculum). The benefits of this program are the participants will learn necessary steps to take to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Learn valuable information about maintaining a healthy diet

Monitoring blood pressure

Targeting to have Two programs / Year

Four weeks at 2 hours / week equal to 8 hours

All Educational And Comprehensive programs will be facilitated by certified health professionals

For more information, contact Alliance Director-Lisa Washington at: