Family Service Association of Howard County, Inc.


2017 Shelter Statistics

We live in a time where sharing our opinions on social media gives us a false sense of action. Raising awareness is only one-step in making a difference. You must participate in the solution. Whether it is by donating your time, your talents, or your money, we all have the ability to be a part of the solution. We all feel stirred by something. If your heart is stirred by the horrible affects that domestic violence has on women, men, and children...then today, we are offering you a chance to participate in a solution.

One year ago, we started a social media campaign called #StriveForFive. The premise of the campaign was to give everyone a chance to donate in smaller amounts ($5) to help pay off the Domestic Violence Shelter, which houses survivors from Howard, Cass, Miami, and Tipton counties. We received donations from all over the country and currently, we only need $80,000 more. WE ARE HALF WAY THERE!

2018 was Family Service Associationís 50th birthday. 🎁 🎉 We took responsibility for the shelter because we believe in helping families in our communities. What a gift it would be to FSA to have the mortgage paid off by the end of 2019! While we continue to #StriveForFive, we want to add another challenge...#FiftyForFifty. 100% of the money collected through these campaigns will go towards the Domestic Violence Shelter. Click on the donate button OR send your donation to FSA at 618 S Main Street, Kokomo, In 46901. Checks can be made payable to Family Services Association (with #StriveForFive or #FiftyForFifty written in the memo or noted if it is a cash donation.) Be a part of the solution.